Where can I apply?

You can easily apply via our jobsite by uploading your CV and/or share your LinkedIn profile. We do not offer any other form of application.

What is the minimum age with which you can apply for at Hunkemöller?

Great that you want to join our team! The minimum age depends on the country and the position you are applying for. Please carefully read the vacancy to find out if you are eligible for the candidate selection.

What does the application process look like?

  1. find your dream job in the vacancies or set the job alarm
  2. upload your CV and/or share your LinkedIn profile
  3. receive an invitation and record your video interview using HireVue
  4. your video will be reviewed by our managers. You'll receive feedback as soon as possible
Here you can see the main steps you have to take first.

Is there a deadline for my application?

As long as our vacancy is online, you don’t have to worry 😊 This means that we are still looking for our next (S)hero!

Can I apply for multiple vacancies?

This depends for which position you are applying for. If you are applying for a position in one of our HQs and we have received your video recording, we will decide which role suits you and your talent best. If you are interested in a position in one of our stores, the location and the amount of applicants are the basis for the final decision. You will get an automated message inviting you to do the video interview for each position you have applied for, but we will only need one from you.

I am already working at Hunkemöller. But I do have the perfect match for one of the vacancies! Is it possible to refer someone?

Thank you so much for contributing to the talent hunt! Check the Intouch app and use the Refer a (S)hero tool to let us know about your potential new colleague.

How do I know if I am the perfect fit for Hunkemöller?

Are you interested in becoming a part of Hunkemöller but are not quite sure if you are the perfect fit?

There is no open vacancy in my city. What can I do now?

No worries. We are constantly looking for great talent and update our jobsite regularly. Sign up for our job alert, so you do not miss the next opportunity!

Is it possible to send open applications?

Our jobsite presents all vacancies that are currently offered and therefore, it is not possible to send any open applications. We invite you to install the job alert so you’ll be alerted once your dream job comes along!

Is it mandatory to record a video?

We use the video recording to get to know your attitude, personality and interest in Hunkemöller. This gives you the opportunity to shine during the first impression! Thus, it is highly appreciated that you make use of the video interview.

I had problems recording my video interview. Can I record a new one?

No worries. Even though it is not possible to record a new video, you can send your application again and then you will receive a new invitation to the video interview.

Did you receive my CV?

If you have received a confirmation email the your application was send correctly and is in our possession. Make sure to check your spam-folder for the confirmation.

What is the status of my application?

We are passionate to give you any reply within 2 days. However, this is not always possible. We are determined however to make sure you hear from us within a maximum of 5 days after applying with us. If you did not hear from us within the 5 days, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What's next?

I just received an invitation to an interview. Any tips?

We are looking for the perfect match and a true (S)hero!
We suggest you to be yourself. Be authentic in the way you dress, the way you speak and know what your skills and motives are. Also, we would love to see that you know what makes Hunkemöller so special – for customers and for our employees.

I have unanswered questions! Who can I contact?

If there are still questions open regarding your application, please contact our recruitment team.

Values at Hunkemöller

What are the main values of Hunkemöller?

Hunkemöller is a much-loved, social and inclusive brand. Long-lasting and genuine relationships are the underlying goal in everything that we do. Being social enables us to communicate our brand vision and values throughout several platforms online and in-store. Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our company. We want to not only welcome everyone in our stores but also in our offices. To ensure this, we have implemented the Diversity & Inclusion department, who are constantly working and bettering on fairness and warmth we want to bring across.

Is there a dress code I need to follow?

Do you love fashion just as much as we do? Our employees in the store follow our classy-chic dress code based on the color black. You’re welcome to give the outfit a personal touch! There is no dress code in the headquarters. Come as you are and wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Are there any initiatives for the wellbeing of employees?

There are plenty and we are continuously improving our offer. In the Netherlands, for example, all of our employees have access to online consultation sessions with therapists - for work-related as well as private issues. Weekly/monthly workshops and trainings are offered diving into the topics of relaxation and mindfulness in the headquarter.

What are the career and learning opportunities at Hunkemöller?

i. We provide all our employees, in-store and in the HQs, with lots of learning and development opportunities. Not only does every employee have access to our internal learning platform, but we also have a huge network of trainers. Based on this, we can proudly say that our employees have great knowledge and are constantly learning. For you to receive more information on this topic, check out "We Invest In You". 

What initiatives is Hunkemöller taking to create a better future?

Hunkemöller is taking several steps towards a brighter future for all of us; employees and customers. We invite you to take a look into our sustainability program "Together Tomorrow" to see how our company is working for better working conditions, responsible sourcing of materials and reducing the impact on our environment.

What is the best internship in retail?

The Best Internship in Retail is an internship program offered in the Hunkemöller headquarter in the Netherlands. This program is offered twice a year with around 50 vacancies across multiple departments starting in February and in September.

Do I need to be an enrolled student for the full length of the internship?

Yes, it is mandatory that you are an enrolled student for the full length of the internship. 


Can I do an internship if I am not an EU citizen?

Yes, you can do an internship in this case. It is required though that you are enrolled in the Netherlands and that the internship is a mandatory part of your studies. 


Is it possible to do a full-time research internship?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You need to be able to work at least 4 full days per week. 


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